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Permissive Use

By February 1, 2023No Comments

One question we get a lot in the office is. “Can I have my sister (grandson, whomever) drive me to my appointments in my car and have my insurance cover it?”

This is loosely called permissive use (my words, not the insurance companies). Most car insurance policies include permissive use. When you let someone else drive your car to take you somewhere, or you just loan them the car to go to the store, the Dr’s office, or some errand.

If you let someone drive your car, permissive use is likely included on your policy (again check with your agent). The distinction is going to come when you allow someone not living in your household to use the car for primary or regular use for an undetermined amount of time.

An example “you can have my car to take the kids to the zoo this weekend”, is definite. You’re getting it back Sunday or Monday. “You can keep my car at your house and take the kids to the zoo whenever you want”, is an undetermined amount of time, that might not be covered on your policy. Again, check with your agent.

Another example, your grandson uses your car to go to school on Tuesday because your car was behind his in the driveway, this exposure is covered by permissive use. You loan your car to your grandson while he shops for a new car as his broken down, not covered under permissive use as it is now a car provided for his regular use. Unless………your grandson lives with you, that changes everything.

Sooooo, the best answer is check with your Insurance Agent to see if permissive use is included in your policy before you allow anyone else not living in your household to drive your car. And of course, keep in mind that it could be covered under your policy, so if you loan your car to a buddy that has 7 speeding tickets and a DUI, then his accident will show up on your insurance as a claim. Be smart about who you allow to drive your car and call your agent!